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Application of thermally conductive silicone rubber in LED industry


Application of thermally conductive silicone rubber in LED industry


In the next 3 to 5 years, LED lighting will be popularized on a large scale, and business opportunities in the LED industry are expected. The Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition was held today at the Nangang Exhibition Hall. Qiao Yue Industrial, a world-renowned professional agent for plastic materials, also participated in the exhibition, exhibiting the latest Dow Corning printing and dispensing thermally conductive silicone gasket materials, as well as the applications required for complete LED production All-round solutions for plastic materials. Qiao Yue said that as LED lighting products gradually replace traditional lamps, coupled with the diversification of lamp shapes, the demand for LED thermal management is also increasing, and cost and performance considerations increase. Therefore, Dow Corning launched printing and dispensing Type thermal conductive silicone gasket material. Compared with the traditional thermal conductive gasket, this product can reduce the cost by 30% to 60%, while having high thermal conductivity and improving production efficiency. Qiao Yue pointed out that this product can be attached to complex or uneven surfaces regardless of the use of screen, steel plate printing or dispensing coating, and can be designed according to different manufacturing processes to increase productivity. Dow Corning's printable and dispensing thermally conductive silicone gasket materials are divided into 4 levels. The thermal conductivity of TC-4015 and TC-4016 is 1.7W/mK, while the thermal conductivity of TC-4016 and TC-4026 is higher, reaching 2.5W/mK. Among them, TC-4016 and TC4026 add glass beads to control the thickness, which can conduct more effectively. In addition to heat-conducting related products, it can provide a complete solution for LED lighting, whether it is for subsequent filling, power potting, and substrate coating protection. Qiaoyue Industry is a professional distributor of world-renowned rubber materials, and also a first-tier distributor of Dow Corning, the world's No. 1 silicone brand, in Greater China. Won the best distributor of solar products in 2013, which proved to be highly affirmed by customers and original manufacturers in the industry. In the long-term operation of the LED industry, we provide a full range of photoelectric adhesive material application solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers.